Pregnancy Options Counseling

A planned or unplanned pregnancy can be a scary event. At Summit Life Outreach Center, we want to support the client in every situation. We have counselors and resources available for everyone involved. Our center also offers free pregnancy tests.

Pregnancy options counseling is the primary ministry focus of Summit Life Outreach Center.   We want clients to have the time and resources available to sort out their feelings and think through their options. Clients who visit the center are given free, confidential information about:

  • abortion risks and procedures
  • fetal development
  • sexually transmitted disease
  • abstinence
  • adoption counseling and referrals
Summit Life Outreach Center does not recommend or refer for abortions.  Please visit our center for more information about Options Counseling and our counseling services.

Client Comments

“I wasn’t being looked down on for my age.”

“The counselor really cares about me.”

“I enjoyed being able to talk to a counselor and receive full attention.”

“I like the fact that the workers take time to get to know your situation.”

“At first I was scared and nervous – but after talking with the consultant, she made me feel better.”